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Maximum Yardage


Big fan of sports. Particularly American Football (Duuuuval) so it was fitting for my first Unity project to be about the gridiron. This endless runner has you take control of an elite running back. The aim of the game is simple. Run as many yards as possible.

Fix It Frank


The result of the first game jam I ever attended. There wasn't much expectation on this event to produce something amazing but there was some pressure to at least finish it. Thanks to a little crunch on the final day and much help from the team. Mission accomplished.

Soapy Joe's Sudswerkz


The great unclean masses have kicked up a stink and now being fresh as a daisy is illegal. You are Soapy Joe. The operator of Sudswerkz; a moonshiner producing soap for the black market. Your shack is set deep in the Appalachian backwoods.